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➹⁀★✯New Release June 2019➹⁀★✯

Fallen Angel 5 – Falling Stars

After making a deal with the devil, Lucifer finds himself back on Earth. Alone and desperate, he must achieve the impossible to free Gabriel from the pits of Hell. But retrieving all of Hell’s escaped souls will take years, leaving the love of Lucifer’s immortal life in the torturous hands of his worst enemy, which for once isn’t his arch nemesis, the archangel Michael.

This time, there is more than love to fight for and lose. If Hell reigns, Heaven will fall to ruin and darkness will descend upon them all.

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➹⁀★✯New Release March 2019➹⁀★✯

Fallen Angel 4 – Cold-Blooded Fate

Now that Lucifer has Gabriel in his arms, where she belongs, their forbidden love has never been so dangerous.

With Hell’s endless dangers, keeping Gabriel safe is all Lucifer desires. But Hell isn’t the only place that harbors threats. Gabriel is hiding a secret, one that Heaven is aware of and plans to stop—before it can unleash Hell on Earth.

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➹⁀★✯New Release Jan 2019➹⁀★✯

Fallen Angel 3 – Breaking Lucifer

Immortalized by fire, a new prince will reign as Heaven trembles in fear.

Struck from Heaven to Hell, even the infinite peace of suicide is stolen from Lucifer. His maker isn’t done with him—not by a long shot. With the promise of soaring wings that could return him to his forbidden love, can Lucifer do the heinous task that is being demanded of him?

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➹⁀★✯New Release Nov 2018➹⁀★✯

Fallen Angel 2 – Dawn of Reckoning

A fallen angel. The love that was stolen from him. And a score to settle.

Banished to Earth, Lucifer will do anything to redeem himself and return to Heaven and the love he can’t live without.

But his maker has other plans…

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➹⁀★✯New Release Oct 2018!➹⁀★✯

Fallen Angel 1 – Ashes of Eden

Lucifer was the brightest archangel of them all…until he fell in love. 

If you love a bad boy with a heart of gold, romance to knock your socks off, and stories where the good guys aren’t always so good, then the first installment in this brand new 5-book series is just for you. Think you know the true story about the devil? Think again. And then ask yourself, “What wouldn’t I do to hold onto and protect my one true love?”

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➹⁀★✯Blood Bound Box Set – The Complete Series➹⁀★✯

Vampires, shifters, ghosts, and the undead…can Amelia save them from an enemy that is more powerful than all of them combined, or will supernatural life as they know it cease to exist forever?

If you love heroines that kick butt, heartthrob heroes with a bad streak, and villains with motives, then you’ll love the Blood Bound Series. Immerse yourself in a world where Twilight meets Underworld.

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Amelia was just a normal teenager—who never felt like she fitted in—until the day she wasn’t. Fangs, heightened senses on overdrive, and hunger that is out of this world, Amelia is a vampire and she always has been. New truths come with lies and secrets that were meant to stay buried forever. Except Amelia isn’t the kind of girl to lie down and accept the bad hand she’s been dealt. With her best friend and Mr. Tall, Dark, and Secretive, Amelia challenges the way supernatural creatures exist and takes on the one person who’s out to stop her for good.

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