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➹⁀★✯ Shades of Human 99c Pre-Order! ➹⁀★✯

After debuting in the Cursed Lands limited edition USA Today Bestselling box set, Shades of Human has just gone up for pre-order before its scheduled re-release in November 2019. Grab it now for only 99c before it goes up to $3.99.

A girl who sees monsters. A stalker who saves lives. Is this a dream come true, or are Calli’s nightmares coming to life?

Aged out of foster care, two jobs to keep me afloat, and finally on my own…until Mr. Sexonlegs dives into my life. Literally. This guy may be the sexiest man alive, but his stalker tendencies and disappearing scales are freaking me out.

I’m in danger. The Unseelie Queen is after me. Yeah right!

Maybe I’m losing my mind. Maybe my crazy childhood memories are real. If I don’t run for my life, I need my head examined. Guess I better book that shrink, because I can’t get away, and now I’m not sure if I want to anymore…

With worlds colliding and the threat of romance on the horizon, can Calli uncover what’s real before it’s too late to escape? Find out in Shades of Human.

Get the full Fallen Angel Series for 30% less when you buy the full set. Exclusive to Amazon

*•☆Fallen Angel Series Box Set☆•*

The original sinner. The angel he covets. And the story that turned an angel into the devil. A bad boy romance that will have you falling hard.

Lucifer was the brightest archangel of them all…until he fell in love. Now there’s no going back. His heart is hers and his downfall is sealed. Think you know the story behind Lucifer’s fall from grace? Think again…

Gabriel is God’s messenger, a figure of female angelic perfection in servitude and beauty, but she has a dangerous secret. One of the bad boys of Heaven has a hold of her pure heart.

Michael has a heart of gold, or does he? As Heaven’s warrior, he’s the golden child…with his own hidden infatuation and a plan to get exactly what he wants, even if it means damning whoever stands in his way.

All three archangels have an epic part to play in this ancient love story of desire, deceit, lust, lies, loss, and victory. But when push comes to shove, and Heaven, Hell, and Earth are down on their knees as darkness threatens to reign over all, will they put their feuds aside to save the world? Dare to find out as you fall hard into the Fallen Angel story.

Fallen Angel Series – Now Exclusive to Amazon!

Start the Fallen Angel Series Free with Ashes of Eden and, if you’re a kindle unlimited subscriber, you can read the rest of the series on KU too!

➹⁀★✯Blood Bound Box Set – The Complete Series➹⁀★✯

Vampires, shifters, ghosts, and the undead…can Amelia save them from an enemy that is more powerful than all of them combined, or will supernatural life as they know it cease to exist forever?

If you love heroines that kick butt, heartthrob heroes with a bad streak, and villains with motives, then you’ll love the Blood Bound Series. Immerse yourself in a world where Twilight meets Underworld.

Get the set here:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA

Amelia was just a normal teenager—who never felt like she fitted in—until the day she wasn’t. Fangs, heightened senses on overdrive, and hunger that is out of this world, Amelia is a vampire and she always has been. New truths come with lies and secrets that were meant to stay buried forever. Except Amelia isn’t the kind of girl to lie down and accept the bad hand she’s been dealt. With her best friend and Mr. Tall, Dark, and Secretive, Amelia challenges the way supernatural creatures exist and takes on the one person who’s out to stop her for good.

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