Fallen Angel (Dawn of Reckoning)

Gabriel may have been the first of the archangels to feel love and compassion, but teaching Lucifer to feel started the beginning of the end.

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Coming 2018…the full Fallen Angel Series!

The Fallen Angel novella is just a bite-sized taste of what is to come for the Fallen Angel Series. Currently in the works is a special prequel to reveal the origins of Lucifer and Gabriel’s relationship and the heartbreaking events that separated them. After this glimpse into the past, Fallen Angel will continue with three epic stories on what the future (the past to all of us!) has in store for these forbidden lovers, and how their love will change the worlds of Earth, Heaven, and Hell.

Series Inspiration

Throughout writing this series I have found and fallen in love (pun intended) with these two bands: Decypher Down and Breaking Benjamin. Each of the songs listed below has inspired me in writing this series and in the creation and development of each character, especially the Allstars, Lucifer and Gabriel.

If you want to get into the mood and feel the love, desperation, and drive of the characters in acting out their stories, please click below to listen to the songs that inspired this new and unearthly tale of love against all odds and revenge that can bring even Heaven and Hell to its knees.

Happy Listening ~ J.L. Myers

P.S. If you don’t see the music table below, try refreshing the page.