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Dawn of Reckoning Excerpt!

Fallen Angel 2: Dawn of Reckoning – Excerpt   Lucifer stood in the streets of Babylon, watching as the disappearance of monsters resulted in swarming terrified people. All around they ran and scampered, tripping and colliding to escape the hungry fangs that sought to devour them. As if on quickened time, the events rushed forward. […]

Fallen Angel – Ashes of Eden Pre-order!

Ashes of Eden is available for pre-order and will be releasing on the October 19th 2018. I can’t wait for you to read my newest paranormal romance! “The memory of your taste…” Hunger pulsed in his silver-blue stare as his gaze fell to her lips. “I cannot forget it. You are the light, and I […]

Fallen Angel 1: Ashes of Eden Excerpt

“You are sad. Why do you cry?” Lucifer’s warm hand touched Gabriel’s cheek, sending a wave of heat through her as she turned to face him. Instead of moving away as he had above, he let his hand fall against her neck below her thick hair. His breath was faster as he stared at her, […]

I Hit The Amazon Bestseller List!!!

I got an amazing surprise two days ago when I went online and saw that my psychological thriller had hit the Amazon Bestseller list. OMG!!! Thank you all for your support with this stand-alone novel that is so very different from my regular paranormal romances. All your great feedback and awesome reviews have helped me […]

Why I write…

My journey as a writer began well before I ever considered myself a writer. As a child, I loved books. The ones that were a little twisted and scary held my attention the most, with characters in turmoil and pitted against odds that you could not imagine they would find reprieve or an escape from. […]

A new Year!

The new year is here and I’m back into the swing of everything. School is beginning soon and the kids will be away from 2-5 days (depending on their age :). Which is a little sad for my 3yo–or should I say for me. Finally starting kindergarten 🙁 Wow! Where did the time go? Anyway, […]

Author Update!

I’ve seen super busy, as usual. The draft for book 3 in the Fallen Angel Series is now written. One book to go and then onto revision! This is another book marathon for me, but rather than spacing each book’s release out a year after the other, I want to bring you each new release […]

New Release!!!

Nerve Damage is finally live! Woop Woop! It has been a thrilling ride and I am so happy to finally be able to share this chilling story with you all. Not for the faint hearted or happily ever after readers, this book is serious and dark. It delves into the psyche of a very unstable […]

Love thrillers!

Although I love watching and reading thrillers, it may or may not come as a surprise to you all that this is actually my first thriller novel to be published. This book has been percolating in the back of my mind since I first started writing the Blood Bound Series, and to do it justice […]